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Technical Analysis of ORIENTELEC Stock

ANALYSIS DATE: 22-Nov-2023

In this blog, we'll take a deep dive into the technical analysis of ORIENTELEC Stock, examining key indicators such as RSI, Moving Averages, and Volume Analysis across multiple timeframes. Our goal is to build a comprehensive case study, ultimately discussing potential targets and stop-loss levels for this stock.

The Monthly Timeframe:

To start, let's address the relevance of the monthly timeframe. While some may question its importance for short-term trading, it plays a crucial role in establishing the main trendline. The main trendline helps us identify the primary direction of the trend, crucial for accurate support and resistance identification.

The Weekly Timeframe:

Moving forward, we meticulously examine the weekly timeframe, where two positive signals stand out. A positive divergence is in progress, although not yet confirmed, and the price is testing previous lows, accompanied by a noteworthy increase in volume.

Deciphering Volume with MACD

Utilizing MACD for volume analysis, we observe how the 20-day average volume compares to the 100-day average volume by using only the histograms and removing both the fast and slow lines for clarity. The color-coded histogram provides a visual representation of volume changes, helping us gauge the momentum and direction of price movements. This nuanced approach to volume analysis adds depth to our understanding of market dynamics. It uses four color scheme to identify bars when

- 20 Day volume was above 100 day volume and increasing.

- 20 Day volume was above 100 day volume and decreasing.

- 20 Day volume was below 100 day volume and increasing.

- 20 Day volume was below 100 day volume and decreasing.

The Daily Timeframe:

Transitioning to the daily chart, we identify a positive divergence in the RSI, indicating a potential price reversal. The correlation between price movements and volume activity further refines our analysis. Notably, we observe that during declines, volume tends to increase, while the recent low was formed with a positive RSI divergence—an early signal of a potential reversal.

75-Minute Timeframe:

Delving deeper into the 75-minute timeframe, we witness a compelling RSI range shift, indicating a shift towards a bullish market sentiment. This shift, coupled with the observation of a sustained RSI level above 30 despite price fluctuations, strengthens the case for a potential upward trend.

15-Minute Timeframe:

Although the 75-minute timeframe provides a robust foundation, we cross-verify our findings with the more reactive 15-minute timeframe. Here, we identify a resistance level from the 200 EMA of the 75-minute timeframe and a striking RSI positive divergence, signaling potential momentum shifts.

The Trader's Toolkit:

In the midst of our technical analysis, it's crucial to understand the tools and templates that streamline decision-making for a professional trader. I illuminate my toolkit, which encompasses screener dashboards, trade trackers, watch lists, and reconciliation templates. This comprehensive toolkit reflects years of experience and fine-tuning to optimize efficiency.


As we conclude this in-depth analysis of ORIENTELEC, it's essential to highlight the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of technical analysis. The signals and patterns identified are not certainties but probabilities—a game where a well-defined system and disciplined approach lead to success. While it is important to know an exit strategy before you enter a trade, managing a position is just as important to protect your unrealized profits.


CMP 216.6

STOPLOSS- 207 (-4.4%)

TARGET- 283 (+30.7%) , 417 (92.5%)

In the world of trading, patience, monitoring, and informed decision-making are paramount. I emphasizes the importance of aligning shorter and longer timeframes, making decisions based on a holistic understanding of the market dynamics.

Remember, trading is a journey, and each analysis contributes to the evolving narrative of market trends. As we navigate this stock opportunity, armed with technical insights and a robust toolkit, we anticipate potential rewards in the ever-shifting landscape of the stock market.

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Thank you for reading!

-Kavita Agrawal CMT CFA


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