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Swing Trading is complicated, TTP makes it simpler

Many try but majority fail at generating profits in the stock market.

This is because they engage in high-risk-low-rewards games like options or intraday trading.

Swing Trading is a high-risk-high-reward form of trading where combination of risk management and capital allocation can yield not only side income but help you build capital for wealth creation

...watch this video to know more. 

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Functionalities You Will Love


Actionable Advice

All trade set ups come with Actionable Advice. Our Trade Together Program cuts right to the heart of action, removing all fluff and extra words, so you know what you are doing and why. 

24/7 Support


I am personally involved in resolving all client queries about positions, access issues and training. So at any point of time you can rest assured that you are dealing with the highest quality of support possibly available


Momentum picks


Simple Tech

We aim to generate 3-5% returns every month with our momentum trading strategy. During very bullish months we are able to reach double digit growth. However, during months where trend is bearish, we may not be able to deliver this return. On average we have reached our goal in all past 5 years. You can witness the month-on-month performance since Nov'22 here.   

We have gone to great lengths to deploy day to day applications like Telegram and Google Sheets. We want to reduce your learning curve by using applications that you are already accustomed to so that you learn what matters instead of new interface of another complicated system. This also allows us to keep the service cost at bare minimum. 

What customers have to say about the TTP

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I started swing trading with Kavita with no background.

I can vouch for this!

- Architect, Nashik

Kavita gave me proper training in using GTT, stoploss, and now I am seeing the result!

- EY, Kolkata

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I realised the kind of responses she gave and her recommendations are pretty accurate!

- Businessman

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