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Breaking ice with Stock Market

Webinar Recording- Swing Trading 

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We pick stocks BEFORE they rally based on sophisticated momentum study and macrotrend analysis. It not possible or practical for retail participants to know when the tides in stock market will change. Therefore, we bring our EXPertise to make your life easier and provide you with a real world earn and learn opportunity while delivering EXPonential growth!    

Please visit our subscription page for details of plans and pricing. 

Stock Analysis Request

Wishing there was someone to analyse the stocks in your portfolio?

Or heard about promising stocks but not sure whether it would make a sound investment idea?

You can raise a stock analysis request with us and receive a precise and a full report containing parametres like support, resistance, target, stoploss, analysis and action

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Stock Market Data

Learning Session


Stock Market training for beginners worth Rs. 1499/-

for Rs. 1299 only- Early bird offer till 12th Feb!

The topics covered are 

Introduction to stock market 

Right Mindset to succeed 

Live market and chart analysis

Tools required to succeed

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