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Advance Swing Trade Training

24 sessions | 6 weeks | Batch 2 begins May 1st 2024

This Advance LIVE training program is suited for Individuals with basic understanding of the stock market and foundational knowledge of technical analysis who are looking to enhance chart reading skills for swing trading in the Indian stock market.

Session Overview:

  • Advanced Focus: Not for beginners. In-depth training.

  • This program will help you learn the entire ecosystem of swing trading, this includes not only charts and indicators but also Tradingview training, trade management, building screeners and more. Refer to the curriculum below for full scope

  • Structure: 60-minute detailed topic discussion followed by 30-minute discussion Q&A.

  • Assignments: Provided time to time in the common group.

  • Number of sessions: 24 rolling sessions (click here to know what it means).

  • Community: Access to a dedicated Telegram group.

  • Language: English.

  • Requirements: Join via laptop for chart analysis, have an additional screen for efficiency, TradingView account (Paid version recommended for 75min availability. Referral discount available here).

Why Choose Kavita's
Advanced Swing Trade Training Program ?

Advanced Learning

This program is for those who want to delve deeper into technical analysis and explore advanced concepts with practical examples, not just theory.

Professional Guidance 

Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned trader and analyst with level of guidance and training never seen before.

In-Depth Knowledge

Gain a profound understanding of technical indicators, chart patterns, market behaviour and much more

Live Session

Attend Live classes for full focus and real time learning, if missed, recordings are also available for 1 week after class to help you catch up

Practical skills

Learn how to apply technical analysis effectively in real-world trading scenarios and go beyond theory.

1 Year Access

Get access to the trainer for a whole year to experiment, practise, re-attend the LIVE sessions, ask questions and solidify your learning.


This intense learning and practice program is ideal for retail traders who have a foundational knowledge of technical analysis and are eager to develop practical skills to swing / momentum trade successfully, to eventually go full time in it.

This course is for those who want to become full time traders in next 2-5 years.

Otherwise, consider the Swing Trading Plan or the Portfolio Management Service

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