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EXP-Invest is committed to


helping people make sound investment and trading decisions.


We offer actionable investment and trade setups, which are based on the technical trading strategies developed by Kavita Agrawal.


Our approach is to provide a wealth of insights into our strategies through blogs and videos, emphasizing that there is no secret to success – it's all about hard work and persistence.


With over 12 years of dedicated research, practice, learning, and execution, our experience in technical analysis has yielded successful results.


We aim to share this success with retail investors eager to dive into the world of investing.

EXPerience is irreplaceable when it is preceded by thorough preparation. Therefore, we diligently study, prepare, and share our EXPertise with our members. This allows them to experience the benefits of sound investment and strategy-based trading firsthand. 


Our EXPertise in technical analysis and behavioral finance forms the backbone of our organization.

We are driven by the belief that by offering our expertise, we assist those market participants who might otherwise fall prey to manipulative media and agenda-driven brokers.

We spend considerable resources on sharing our expertise with highly motivated individuals.


Our goal is to help them break free from the constraints of limited monthly income and venture into the realm of wealth creation with EXPonential growth.


Realizing the immense power of compounding is crucial.


For instance, an initial investment of Rs. 2 lakhs can grow to Rs. 4 crores with a consistent post-tax profit of 3% per month over 15 years. Moreover, this amount can reach Rs. 11 crores if Rs. 10 thousand is added to the investment corpus every month.


This demonstrates how achieving financial goals can be simple, though not easy, provided there is a commitment to the journey.

Exponential growth may start small, but it leads to far-reaching results. This is precisely what we aim to achieve for our members, contingent on their sustained commitment

Our Team



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The technical expert and knowledge powerhouse of the organization, Kavita unknowingly became the youngest individual to have successfully completed all levels of the CMT (Chartered Market Technician) designation- a gold standard in Technical Analysis- back in 2015. She is also a CFA charter  holder since 2018 and founded EXP-Investment Management Pvt. Ltd. (EXP Invest) to bring her experience, expertise and exponential growth to those who connect with her.

Kavita has developed nuanced trading strategies that reflect her deep understanding and expertise in the field. These strategies are tailored to cater to diverse market conditions and investment goals, showcasing her ability to adapt and excel in the dynamic world of finance.


With over a decade of experience, her market exposure spans various geographies, including India, the US, the Gulf, Europe, and sectors like commodities, currency pairs, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies.

Before incorporating EXP-Invest, Kavita served as an economic advisor at Shell India, a major player in the Oil and Gas industry.


CFA, CFA Institute (USA)

CMT, CMT Association (USA)

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Mitesh, a prominent investor in EXP Invest, is a recognized figure in the global technology sector. Serving as the COO of Lambda Labs, one of the leading company in artificial intelligence and machine learning infrastructure based in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, he demonstrates a deep commitment to cutting-edge technologies. His expertise is multifaceted, blending technical acumen with a visionary approach, combining an in-depth understanding of advanced technological concepts with a sharp entrepreneurial mindset. This unique skill set allows him to significantly influence the strategic vision and future direction of EXP Invest.

Mitesh's role extends far beyond investment; he is pivotal in driving innovation and fostering a culture of technological excellence. His foresight in identifying and understanding future trends positions him as an invaluable asset in the constantly evolving realms of AI and machine learning. His contributions ensure that EXP Invest remains at the forefront of technological implementation. Mitesh's involvement symbolizes the convergence of groundbreaking technological advancements and effective investment strategies, establishing him as a key figure in both the technological and financial sectors.


MBA, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, US

MS Engineering, Stanford University, US

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Our team at EXP Invest extends far beyond the core individuals; it includes the vital contributions of employees, consultants, and customers who collectively make the realization of the EXP Invest vision possible.

Our diverse team members come from various backgrounds, encompassing fields such as technology, accounting, finance, and professions including doctors, lawyers, and chartered accountants.


Each person brings a unique perspective and set of skills, enriching our approach and strategies. This diversity is not just a strength but a cornerstone of our operations, allowing us to view challenges and opportunities through multiple lenses.

The dedication and expertise of our team enable us to maintain efficiency across all departments, including administration, legal affairs, marketing, and compliance. Their collective effort ensures that every aspect of our business operates smoothly and adheres to the highest standards.

Most importantly, our members play a critical role in our ongoing development and success. Their engagement in thought-provoking discussions stimulates our intellectual environment, pushing us to continuously innovate and improve. The candid feedback we receive about our services is invaluable, as it helps us to refine our offerings and better meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

This community of diverse individuals and their active participation and support are the lifeblood of EXP Invest. Their contributions not only fuel our day-to-day operations but also inspire our long-term vision and growth. Each member, whether an employee, vendor, or customer, is a cherished part of our journey, helping to shape the future of EXP Invest and the financial landscape.

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