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NIFTY headed for deeper water!

“MARKET KYA LAG RAHA HAI?”— This is the most repeated question of the year 2015 following the 9116.95 high on 04th March 2015. 

Below is an attempt to answer this question.

The market is clearly in a correction(for the better) . It is being said the Indian Economy will take over China in leading Global growth. I believe its true. But does that imply that the Indian market indices are invincible? Nope!

What is begun, has to end. The correction which is underway will see completion.

Below is a detailed Elliot Analysis of Nifty.

The Primary bull run that started from September 2013(~5200) ended on March 2015(~9100) registered a rise of nearly 4000 points. This rise encapsulated the proper 5 waves structure as laid out by Sir R.N.Elliot

NIFTY SPOT Daily Chart , Dated- 28th August 2015. Elliot count on Nifty.

I am pinning on the 7200 level because of the following reasons:

      1.7200 level is the level of wave ii 3 [3] as highlighted by the ellipse on the chart below.

      2. A ~50% Fibonacci of the entire primary wave gives us the level of 7150 .

      3. There is always a Fibonacci relation between the lengths of Wave A and Wave C. Wave A was exactly 1180 points (9120-7940) . I’m expecting Wave C be 1460 points long. That is 1180 x 123.60%(a Fibonacci level) = 1458.48. So from the level of 8655(previous high), 8655-1460=7195.

NIFTY SPOT, Daily Chart, dated: 28/08/2015. Showing Elliot breakup. 

Such clustering of evidence around 7200 add weight-age to the level. 

Below is a breakup of the corrective Wave A-B-C reflecting Nifty at its current level of resistance which is exactly 61.8% of the the Wave 1 so far into the primary Wave C.  

NIFTY SPOT 4H Chart dated- 28/08/2015. Fibbonacci Levels and Elliot Wave analysis

Few levels taken for the analysis maybe off by 10-20pnts. But in my understanding they do not hamper the reliability of the Elliot and Fibonacci tools. It would be very interesting to note than ever since Nifty has hit the 9000 high, the RSI indicator has evidently undergone a range shift. Early the indicator would cross the 70 mark and stay shy of 40, but at 9000, the indicator did not pass above 60 and also broke the 40 mark to take support at 30 several times. 

These elements help in judging the pulse of the market and are crucial for analysis.

Thank you reading. 

Please feel free to comment on the analysis.

Anyone seeking detailed analysis on any security , preferably stock/currency/commodity, may email me their requirements at kchamaria1993@gmail.com. I’ll try my best to help you with my analysis.

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