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Swing Trading Psychology: Overcoming Common Biases for Profitable Trading

In the vast field of behavioral finance, the relevance to trading cannot be overstated. The emotional roller coaster that accompanies market activities demands a systematic approach. Our aim in this blog is to unravel four prevalent psychological biases, commonly observed among traders, and explore strategies to overcome them.

Anchoring Bias: Understanding the Foundation

To begin, let's demystify the anchoring bias. This bias involves relying excessively on the initial piece of information received about a topic. Picture this – you hear about a stock's impressive returns in a short time. If not vigilant, this information becomes an anchor in your mind, affecting your decisions.

Challenge: Traders anchored by bias tend to resist changing opinions despite market fluctuations, leading to real losses.

Solution: Combat anchoring bias with objective analysis. Define exit strategies and adhere to stop-loss levels, ensuring decisions are rooted in objective data.

Confirmation Bias: The Pitfall of Seeking Validation

Confirmation bias is a common pitfall where individuals seek information that aligns with their existing views. Even seasoned analysts can fall prey to this tendency.

Challenge: Filtering information to support existing views may result in overlooking critical data, leading to faulty decisions.

Solution: Counter confirmation bias by actively considering opposing opinions. Techniques like chart inversion can offer a fresh perspective, highlighting potential biases.

Herding Bias: The Danger of Following the Crowd

In the herding bias, individuals mimic the actions of others without a clear understanding of the rationale behind those actions.

Challenge: Blindly following the crowd can lead to uninformed decisions, driven by popularity rather than sound analysis.

Solution: Avoid herd mentality by conducting independent analysis or seeking guidance from reputable research analysts. Expert advice can counteract the influence of uninformed decisions.

Hindsight Bias: The Illusion of Predicting the Past

Hindsight bias involves viewing past events as predictable after they have occurred, often leading to regret and impulsive actions.

Challenge: Succumbing to hindsight bias may result in revenge trading and unnecessary losses.

Solution: Mitigate hindsight bias by journaling trades, capturing key details like buy/sell dates, quantities, costs, stop-loss levels, and remarks. Analyzing past trades objectively helps identify patterns and enhance decision-making.

The Trade Tracker Solution: A Comprehensive Approach

To navigate these biases effectively, consider adopting the Trade Tracker. This tool, available in the Elite and Exclusive plans of the Trade Together program, aids in systematic trade analysis.

How it Works?

By documenting essential trade details, the Trade Tracker enables traders to review and analyze past decisions objectively. This retrospective analysis reveals patterns, helping traders reinforce positive behaviors and eliminate detrimental ones.


In a market where 98% of participants struggle, psychological control is the key differentiator. Trading evolves from a science to an art quickly once you get started which makes it all the more challenging, requiring continuous practice and self-awareness. Embrace the journey of self-discovery in trading. Identify what works and what doesn't, reinforcing good behaviors and eliminating bad ones.

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Thank you for reading!

-Kavita Agrawal CMT CFA


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