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The art of Investing

Over the last few months I have been using EXP-Invest to spread awareness about why investing is essential.

In order to send the message across in a relatable way, let's reflect upon another aspect which are we are close to.

We have 1 body, 1 mind and it's well being is key for a trouble free life and it is determined by our 'level of activity'- reading, working-out and having high metabolism overall.

Just as we've got to keep the muscles moving to have a healthy body, we have to keep the money moving to have good financial health.

Money is the muscle of our financial body.

The gap between rich and poor is only growing. It's not that the poor is becoming poorer because they are getting more ignorant, its just that the rich is getting more sophisticated. With every new breakthrough, the rich educate themselves, talk about it in their circle of influence, they seek out opportunities to become richer. The poor keep mulling over the same problems without looking for application solutions and so they never break through the chains of poverty.

One key aspect which enables a person to cross the barrier from poor to rich is investing.

In my business I see people complain about

-not having enough money

-not having enough time

-not having enough knowledge

What they don't realise is the smart phone they are using, the clothes they wear, the beauty products, the alcohol, and so on is where they chose to burn their money rather than save and invest money.

They are similar to the people who eat 4 times a day, snack at all times, stay in bed using their phone for hours, have no schedule of sleeping and waking up and later complain about being out of shape, tired all the time and not getting good sleep. Often times, they are the same people because attitude towards life is the mother source of attitude towards investing.

Investing is the doorway to changing our life. It is not a destination. We have to reach the moment of decision to start investing and then never come back.

Several people walk right out of the door after few wrong turns. Investing is not a straight arrow. It is a journey of discovery where those who keep looking find the answers. Again, you have to be mindful because just as mindless wandering in circles will get you nowhere in a forest, similarly repeating the same patterns which are clearly not working will only get you frustrated and exit investing.

Only the people who come back through the door with a strategy find the path which bears fruity juicy trees (profitable ideas).

You start investing in your mind long before you start investing in your life and finally in your financial health.

To improve your life, invest your time in meaningful pursuits.

To improve your financial health, invest your money in the stock market.

Stock market is the obvious choice when it comes to investing becase it offers liquity, low cost of participation, couch accessibility, high rate of return over long term and for someone with a game plan, sky is the limit. True EXPonential growth is possible in the stock market.

If you have fixed deposit holding your money then you're an ultra risk averse person who choses to lose 1-3% in value every year to keep their money intact. When you make a FD, you lock your money away so you don't spend it. It's a reflection of your lack of trust on yourself and not a strategy to grow your money because inflation @7% eats away more than interest @3.5% (post tax) adds.

I could go on and go but I think I've made my point.

So to start investing, make your first move. Put a handle on the door by opening your trading account with Zerodha (not a promotion).

Zerodha offers a user interface which is the best in the world. You can open your account using my referral by clicking https://zerodha.com/?c=YE6074

This will benefit me without costing you anything extra.

For any questions about trading and investing, or if you simply need encouragement to start, you can book a 30 minute slot for free by clicking this link https://calendly.com/expinvest




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