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How can I brainwash myself into financial success

Brainwashing is an act of repeating a phrase over and over again until the brain starts believing it's true. It's the tactics used broadly by media agencies for advertisement and propaganda. We consider it a negative word because it is largely used to the detriment of society's fabric. The same tactic can be used to install new beliefs, habits and attitude by taking ownership of ourselves.

Simply by exploring what our core beliefs are about our body, finances, family, love, and so on, we can work on altering the reality that they are in right now into the one we want them to become. Out of the elements I have mentioned about, when you explore your core beliefs about your finances in terms of its limits, quantity, growth, what you started from, where you are and where you want to be, you'll think about finance in terms of its growth. There comes a point of time when increment through salary hikes and job changes begin to plateau as we get older and stop adding to our skill-set. It is fair to ask yourself whether you are truly okay with the plateau or want your finances to keep growing beyond the inflation adjusted flat growth coming from annual increments. Once you have the answer it is only natural that your attention will get attracted to the stock market. Since India is experiencing the dawn of an era never seen before it is natural that many are skeptical of its validity. However, just like love spills from the eye of the one holding it, the growth story of an economy is resounded loud and clear by the rally in its stock market. So for those who reach the conclusion that the plateau in personal finance growth is not acceptable, the stock market becomes a natural beacon of sorts as it offers great opportunities for those who are willing to continue taking risk the same way they risked their time and energy in pursuing a certain skill to ensure their quality of life continues to improve and their personal finance grows. But first it begins when them brainwashing themselves into believing they deserve it from the old school thought process of 'FD is the safest way to save money' or 'a penny saved is a penny earned'. Everything we know and believe today about various aspects of our life- health, finance, love- is a result of early age brainwashing in the hands of elders, schooling system and the society. They are not necessarily right as is evident by the vast majority of people who feel lost, unfulfilled and uninspired. They continue to feel that way as they fail to recognise the broken thought process they have imbibed over the years and thereby do nothing to change or rectify it even remotely. So brainwashing is not just a 'non-negative' word, but a great tool to tap into the reserves of immense potential which we withhold from ourselves, but allow access to organisations to tap into for the fulfillment of their agenda.

All you need is some introspection, a systematic approach, and consistency in that same order to achieve whatever it is that you want- Love, health and financial success. The best part- it is your definition of what success looks like that matters. Everything else is mere fluff.

If you're seeking help with breaking ice with the stock market or a sounding board for your financial planning journey or simply help in carving a financial plan, you are welcome to block a 30 minutes slot on my calendar via this link https://calendly.com/expinvest

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